EILERS – FANTINI Slot Survey – 2Q23

The EILERS-FANTINI survey is designed to track slot machine and related technology purchasing trends on a quarterly basis and is the gaming industry’s largest slot survey in terms of total casinos and slot machines surveyed. This quarter’s report represents our 53rd proprietary slot survey and includes responses from key purchasing agents at a number of U.S. & Canadian Commercial and Tribal casinos, several Racino/VLT operators, as well as several international participants.

In total, our 222 survey participants collectively operate 702 casinos and ~33,300 retail outlets worldwide with ~629,700 total slot machines or equivalent electronic gaming devices. Our 195 U.S. & Canada participants operate 557 casinos, ~15,900 retail outlets, and ~484,200 slot machines, representing ~47% of the total installed base of gaming machines in U.S. & Canada. The avg casino surveyed in U.S. & Canada had ~800 slot machines installed while the avg international casino surveyed had ~300 slots.