EILERS: U.S. Lottery Tracker – 4Q22

in 4Q22, total U.S. lottery sales increased +12% y/y and +9% q/q to $28.2 billion across the 46 U.S. jurisdictions we track in our report, which was a record period for quarterly lottery sales. Both Instant Ticket and Draw sales were either at or near historic highs; this was the 3rd strongest period of Instant Ticket sales and a record period for Draw Based games. Instant Tickets sales increased +2% y/y and +5% q/q to $17.5 billion, building on prior periods of growth due to a combination of strong discretionary income growth and incremental growth from new distribution channels such as iLottery. Draw game wagers increased +33% y/y and +19% q/q to a record $10.5 billion driven by historic multi-state jackpot activity.